New Customer letter

New Protandim Customer Welcome Letter

New Protandim Customer Welcome Letter

Congratulations on enrolling as a LifeVantage Preferred Customer and taking the step toward healthy living.

Please request to join our Facebook Group “#TheLittleYellowPill and Friends group” ( and take 60 seconds and read the “pinned welcome announcement” as it contains some valuable information on what to expect.

Also, please watch this new customer video:

As a Preferred Customer, you have access to a virtual office (VO) where you can update your personal information, change your subscription, or order extra product. You can access your VO here: You’ll be prompted to enter your ID # (if you know it) or your email and the password you set up when you enrolled.

If you have any difficulties with making any changes to your subscription, our Customer Service Representatives can be reached at 866.460.7241 between 9am – 8pm Eastern Time M-F or by emailing

If you find you enjoy sharing information about our products, you might be interested in making some extra income doing so as a distributor. When you’re ready, let’s talk about whether this could be a fit for you. Becoming a distributor is as simple as clicking the “upgrade to a distributor” in the menu on the far right of your account … There are three discount pack options that save you from 15% to over 35% on the products (and all have free shipping and include a free website). The platinum pack saves you over $700 and has ALL of our amazing products so you can use (and share) them all. The Gold pack has most of the product line and saves you over $300. Then just re-start subscription order you had as a customer.

Here’s where you can check out the discount packs:

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions. And welcome to the LifeVantage family!

To your health and happiness,