Welcome! So glad you’ve decided to change lives with Team Synergy. We have developed a really simple 123 system that can be done through Facebook messenger in as little as seconds so it fits in the nooks and crannies of your day…just “Add, Tag, and Message and then let people make up their own minds, in their own time….in other words…

Use our ATM system – it’s a 1-2-3 system of 1) Creating curiosity (talking about benefits you or others have received, without mentioning product or company name) 2) Adding and tagging to Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group, and 3) Following up (the fortune is in the follow-up!) … Also add those interested in the business/compensation to “Team Synergy Sneak Peek” facebook group and tag them in the pinned post.

Here are the details:

In our business, it doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates. We’ve created a fail-proof 1-2-3 system that anyone can do AND duplicate because It’s what duplicates that makes your business soar!

Specific Action Steps to Getting Started for MASSIVE duplication:

Note: We are not in the convincing business. We are in the “finding people’s pain and seeing if they’re open to solutions business“.

That’s it.

Our ONLY job is to find out if they’re open to learning about a solution and if so, to put them in front of the information, and follow up professionally, as laid out here).

Here is the system. Learn it, Do it. Share it. Teach it.

Step 1) Ask questions and listen…when you find their pain, ask if they’re open to learning about a possible solution that has helped you and others?

Step 2) When they say yes (& they usually do), say, “I can add you to an educational group run by several doctors so you can look around, ask questions, and learn at your own pace. Would you like me to?”

Step 3) When they say yes (& they usually do), [—>NOTE: Do not add people to Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group without their permission], add them to Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group and tag them in the pinned post, with, “Tagged name, this is a great place to start-read this pinned post and watch the ABC News report (you’ll be blown away). Then use the search function to find the short videos by Dr. Maniscalco & Dr. Reed as well as read the “top 10 reasons” post. If you are dealing with any health challenges right now, you can search in the group for other people’s success stories by searching those key words (and #Story & # the first letter of whatever conditions you’re interested in learning more about how lowering oxidative stress may help). Also I suggest you look for stories with animals because animals have no placebo effect. They don’t know they’re supposed to feel better LOL. For animals be sure to search “singular” and “plural” (i.e. “dog” will yield different results than “dogs” and “horses” will give additional results beyond what “horse” yields…same for “animal” and “animals”). Let me know if you have any questions! ;)”

Step 4) Then message them, “Happy learning! Watch the news report first-you’ll be blown away. When you’re ready, you can order and/or become a distributor here: yourwebsitename*”

{*Your replicated site is usually…to confirm for sure, you can find it by going to and search for your name (make sure your name shows the city that you live in to verify that is you and not someone else with the same name). From there, select your name and click shop. You’ll see your replicated link at the top. That is what you can share with others so they can order from/Join you. You can also find it by logging into your back office with your ID# (or email) & password and clicking Account services then business site admin.}

Step 5) After a few hours or a day, if they haven’t indicated they’ve checked it out yet, send them, “Did that link open for you?”…If they still haven’t responded after a couple of days and are not showing as having ordered or enrolled in your back office, send them this follow up, “Hi there! Just checking in and wondering if you have any questions about the little yellow pill….Or are you ready to get started? ;)”

If you would like a “softer” approach (or if it’s been longer than a few days), you can send them this follow up:

“Just checking in-it’s been a while…How are you liking what you’re learning in Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group?”

and now for the Super Pro Tips (steps 5B & 5C)!!!

5B) Whenever you know someone is excited and about to order, send them this (I call it the the “iytoo” shortcut)!!!: “If you find you’re thinking of others who would benefit too, you might want to go ahead and become a distributor There are 3 packs to choose from that save you 20%, 25%, or 30% (and all have free shipping). They all include a start kit which has samples, and of course the FREE Lifevantage website. Our PLATINUM pack has all of our amazing products so you can use/share them all, and it saves you MOST $. Additionally, ONLY platinum Pack distributors qualify to receive “FREE customers” (that come to LifeVantage without having a referring distributor). After your initial business pack, you’ll just select whatever you use each month for your subscription order – here’s where you can check it out <– NOTE THIS NUMBER NEEDS TO BE YOUR LifeVantage ID #

5C) If they’re already a preferred customer and having a great result (or you notice they’re adding people to Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group), you can (should) send them this: “Just so you know…if you’re thinking of becoming a distributor, it’s as easy as clicking the “upgrade to a distributor” button on the far right of your account (login with your email and the password you selected). There are 3 discount packs that will save you $ on your initial order. The platinum pack has ALL of our amazing products so you can use (and share) them all and saves you 30%. The Gold pack has half of the product line (either the Beauty/Skincare system and Petandim [Protandim for your four-legged best friend], OR the Weight Management line) and saves you 25%. After that, you’ll just get whatever you need each month. There’s no obligation to purchase after that (other than a minimum $40 PV order which you’re already meeting/exceeding if you want to be eligible to be paid commissions). When you login, look on the right and there’s an upgrade to a distributor button. There are three package options that save you from 20 to 30% off of the products.”

That’s it! Just be sure to keep a log somewhere (iPhone notebook, physical notebook, spreadsheet, etc.) of those you have added so you can follow up. Remember, the fortune is in the follow up!

P.S. We are planting seeds … some will sprout in a day or two, some in weeks & some in months or even years … (for example this month I have enrolled people I talked to for two days, two weeks, two months, six months, one year, and SIX years.)… We are “married to the process” only…not the results… the results simply come “on their own time”. Each of our friends has their own timeline that we are not in control of so there is zero sense in stressing about “when” they will come around to “high noon”

…A brief review of all of our groups:

LFVN Team Synergy Distributors’ Group: This group is our distributor only group where we post information regarding business building tips, upcoming webinars and zoom calls, event information, education, and congratulations /motivation.

Vitality for Life! Making the Most of YOU group: This group is for you to add your potential customers and distributors to learn about the benefits of the Vitality Stack, AXIO, True Science, Petandim and PhysIQ. Please add your compliant testimonials as well.

(In the above group if you have someone interested in the business, you can tag them in the post with the “Team Synergy Sneak Peek” file (or add them to the group by the same name if you like) This group Is for you to add people who are thinking about doing the business with you who want to learn more about how it works. Here we will post compensation plan information, opportunity presentations, and congratulatory posts so people can be a kind of “a fly on the wall” to see how our team works. I will copy and paste your congratulatory posts from this group into that group as well as add my own. If there’s anything you see that you feel should be in the Team Synergy sneak peek group to help people decide to take the plunge, feel free to send it to me and I will add it.


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Don’t be a tool…use the tools! 🙂

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Recap!! We have 2 facebook groups:

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1 for the business

We have 2 YouTube channels:

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We have 2 websites:

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1 for the business 🙂

PROTIP: Amateurs convince. Professionals “sort”.

Remember, you’re looking for the “lookers” (I.e. those who WANT something different, not those who need it. Everyone needs it but not everyone wants it.).

Our “job” is to take them from “not knowing” to “knowing”.
Their job is to take that knowledge and decide what to do with it.

And be sure to watch this New Distributor Training video:

(Remember “facts tell” and “stories sell”…In other words please please please don’t talk about the features of the products or post pictures of the products or the name of the product or company on your wall. Instead tell a story that highlights the actual benefits of our products and how life has changed because of them. Post pictures of your face or your family members or your pets because that’s what gets attention. Not product pictures. We do not want to look like a “commercial for our company”. Not only does it cause our friends to unfollow us, it flat out does not work at all. So why take the effort?)

Since you’re reading this on the website I’m assuming you know this but just in case this was printed out and handed to you, please know that we also have a Team Website which is updated often so please check it out: (password is TeamSynergy all one word)

And finally, when you enroll your new teammates, add them to our LFVN Team Synergy Distributors group (and send me a PM so I can approve them ;)) and please do a Welcome post with their best facebook photo and Tag them in the pinned post.

I know there is a lot here, so do a bit at a time and come back to finish each step.

Also please remember to congratulate your new teammates when they enroll a new distributor & when they obtain their first customer ‼️ (Set notifications for this group on so you don’t miss announcements.)

Be sure to block time for the once a month Virtual Lifevantage Academy the first Saturday of the month except the months in which we have Elite Academy or Convention. For more in-depth and personal training, attend the in person Lifevantage Academy near you which is usually held on the third Saturday of each month we don’t have Elite Academy or Convention. Here are the details and Cities:

MOST IMPORTANT—> Register for the next Elite Academy or Convention here (use your free ticket that came in your Gold or Platinum pack!):
and Book your time off/sitter/flight/hotel because people who attend these events grow their businesses six times faster and bigger and make lots more money!

Also be sure to set notifications for this group “on” and check for announcements in this group daily 🙂

P.S. If you’re interested in “double dipping” (being paid twice on the same orders), have your spouse sign up with your enroller and let your enroller know to place your spouse under you (husband and wife must have the same enroller).

Synergy: “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” With Team Synergy, we make people better, we make EACH OTHER better, and we are making the world a better place. Welcome to Team Synergy!